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Resources for SEN

Resources Description
Kurzweil3000 It supports Universal Design for Learning, and allows struggling readers to learn the same content as their peers in different ways with this reading, writing and learning software solution

It facilitate students to develop on the following areas:
• Reading Fluency
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension
• Writing
• Study skills
• Test-taking support
GrammarCheck This online grammar checker will show (and suggest corrections for) grammar errors in your essay or other written document
DRAFT: Builder It helps struggling writers by breaking down the writing process into smaller steps:
• Brainstorming ideas
• Jotting down notes
• Creating a first draft
• Providing templates of different genres
Word Q • It predicts and suggests words while the user writes, creating easy word-flow
• It also gives spoken feedback, which makes it easier for students to detect their mistakes and correct them
NaturalReader • It can convert text on web pages, in e-mails, PDF files, and in many popular applications to words spoken in a natural voice.
• It can also convert text into MP3 and WAV files